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waht is best web solution?

  Asked By: James    Date: Mar 05    Category: Java    Views: 555

we want to develop a web-based j2ee application for approximately
planned for one yaer. our systems may interact with thousands of users
at the same time.we want to use hibernate for persistence and EJB for
providing services for presentation layer.we want to know what is the
best web technology to provide best performance and maintainability.
our team is familiar with struts but we don't know that use struts or
other technologies such as WebWork.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Tommy Thompson     Answered On: Mar 05

You need to provide more information, but from what you have said so far,

do not use EJB for presentation, it is way too heavy as you say your system may interact with thousands of users concurrently. User Servlets instead. for heavy accessed presentations, Servlets and JSP is the best solutions recommended by Sun

For persistance, please note that Hibernate is light weight, but it does not support transactions, so you need to answer the question as how transactions are going to be supported?

if you provide more details regarding your object model, it would be more helpful for giving suggestion, sometimes it's better to use DAO and Transfer Objects with BMT usually if object model is very complex, if not and if transaction is a must go with CMT.

just consider the difference between Hibernate and Entity beans.

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