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Video Performance With Ubuntu

  Date: Dec 06    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 310

I have a Dell Optiplex 330 Intel dual core 2.13 GHz with 2 gigs of RAM.
The video card, which came with the machine is an ATI Radeon HD 2400
Pro. The PC runs great with Windows XP but I really want to use
Ubuntu. I was running Ubuntu 9.04 and really liked it but I was getting
very poor performance with the video. I would like to try 9.10 but I'm
still concerned about my video performance.

One issue I had was when I turned on Compiz I started to see the PC
slowing down. I removed Compiz and the non-free ATI driver and the PC
was back to a performance that I was used to. But with the ATI driver
removed I had poor video. When I played video files like MP3 the video
would play in a blink and jerk. Also, the images were washed out.
Sometimes video would be black but I would still have sound. I really
enjoy playing videos on the PC and need to have good video to look at.

I've read that some video cards do not work well with Linux and maybe
the ATI card that I have is one of those cards. Does anyone have a
recommendation of a video card that will work well with Ubuntu and will
support the Compiz application. I would be willing to buy another card
and load 9.10. Also, any video performance tips would be greatly



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Answer #1    Answered On: Dec 06    

There are different levels that you can use Compiz. You set it by going to
System, Preferences, Appearance. Go to the Visual Effects tab. There is no
doubt that you need lots of video RAM and a fast processor for Compiz. Your
card should be up to the task, but ATI was slow out of the box to support
the new kernel. It did not have drivers ready by the time 9.04 came out.
Chances are it is using a less than great driver.

As of kernel 9.04 Ubuntu uses a kernel that switches much of the management
to the kernel from xorg. Nvidia had its drivers ready in time for the April
release, but ATI did not. They knew the change was coming but did not meet
the deadline. Ubuntu elected to use the new kernel to keep up with the
competition and take advantage of the newer kernel. This left ATI and Intel
users at a disadvantage.

This situation should be cleared up with 9.10.

Answer #2    Answered On: Dec 06    

Thanks for the information. I will try 9.10 with the video card that I
have. As always you are a big help and do a great job promoting Ubuntu.

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