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Using VBA To get and write values from other workbooks

  Asked By: Tracey    Date: Sep 18    Category: MS Office    Views: 5644

Well I slowly starting to develop my first excel vba application

I am looking for some tutorials / advice / snippets and pointers.

I am trying to look at moving my code to a workbook and then basically write
data to new workbook.

Thus allowing worksheets with data to be nearly code free and as data stores

I was wondering what is the best direction, initially looking at vba and
excel to be able to open blank or existing template styled workbooks and
putting data in them and using input from form to save them .

I would be also maybe looking at other techniques at opening word document
or access to write data (but not at the near future) but wonder if structure
would be the same.

I am sorry I being a bit vague.. but just looking at start position. to help
me decide the way to go further..

To try and narrow information for the style of stuff I will be wanting to

Let say have a form in workgroup template (which is my code store).

This show an small form with an input box in . get a input value and then
opens an existing workbook template goes to a cell and puts some data in it
and then save it as a new workbook.

Also if someone can point me in the way of doing the above this time with
the following concept

A form with a button which says gets value and has a textbox to input a

User presses button and it will got to a workbook and specific worksheet get
a value from a cell (number) which has name

I would like then to have write this value to another workbook called log
(which log then write the name and the number assigned to it) and then
finally increment the number in the original workbook which store the number

I know there is a lot and some of it may have to be broken down..

Many thanks for any one who tackles this .



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