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  Asked By: James    Date: Mar 23    Category: Java    Views: 1842

My inventory has MS Visio purchased while office
remodeling because the MS Visio has the capability to
help planning whole infrastructure of the building.

Knowing UML works every well with Java. Is UML have
the capability like that Visio because I am not UML
expert? Hope you people could give me some insight?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Barabas Cohen     Answered On: Mar 23

UML is not an application. It stands for Unified
Modeling Language and is used to model OO systems.
Tools like ArgoUML and Rational Rose exist to help
people draw UML diagrams.
However comparing MS Visio and UML is like comparing
MS Word to C++ - it just doesn't make sense

Answer #2    Answered By: Stefan Thompson     Answered On: Mar 23

I think you can use MS Visio to model UML diagrams. Is
it so?

Answer #3    Answered By: Ivan Coleman     Answered On: Mar 23

Yes MS Vision does provide some help for creating UML

but from personal experience I would recommand
RationRose or Together Soft (I personally love
Together Soft)

These tools provide the capability  of code generation
too. So in the end you will be creating some diagrams
and the tool will spit out a sample template code that
can be used for further development purposes.

why i dont like rational rose is because it clutters
up with both the Unified Model and the Rose model.
Many Indian companies assume that Rose is the de-facto
implementation of UML. Well...I am sorry to say
nothing is farther away from the truth.

Visio also provides some capability for code
generation. I have seen people use it to generate VB
codes and VC++ codes..actually Vision is a stripped
down version of RationalRose that has been licensed to
MS (RationalRose too big a company for MS to swallow

My Vote MSVision - 0 points
RationalRose - 4 points
Together Soft - 6 points

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