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Taking Values from Storeprocedure into DataSet

  Asked By: Kent    Date: Jun 07    Category: Asp.net    Views: 2376

I know that you can use the SqlDataAdapter to FILL the dataset, from the results that you retrieve.

But using the SqlCommand that you use to specify a SP you trying to access I cant find the same method .

Can you not do this? Are there anyways around this.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Tyrone Sanchez     Answered On: Jun 07

do u mean smth like this?

in the initcomp (but this could be all done automatic if you are using VS.NET)

Private sub initializecomponent()
me.sqlConnection = new system.data.sqlclient.SqlConnection
me.sqlDataAdapter = new system.data.sqlclient.SqlDataAdapter
me.sqlCommand = new system.data.sqlclient.SqlCommand

SqlConnection.connectionString = " your connection string "

Me.SqlDataAdapter.InsertCommand = Me.SqLInsertCommand
Me.SqlDataAdapter.SelectCommand = me.SqlSelectCommand

me.SqlSelectCommand.CommandText = "[name of stored procedure]"
me.SqlSelectCommand.CommandType = System.DAta.CommandType.Storedprocedure
sqlDataAdapter.SelectCommand.Connection = SqlConnection

"Take a look after the property TableMappings.addRange

me.SqlSelectCommand.Tablemappings.addRange = "..................." => specific in your case... look after it on msdn.microsoft.com


end sub

=> as said, all this before could be done automaticly in Visual Studio.Net (by draging a dataadapter on the design field...)

later when u wanna use de connection...

SqlDataAdapter.Fill(myDataSet) ' dataset  has been filled automaticly ==> it take automaticly your select-command
==> when u wanna up smth => sqlDataAdapter.update(myDataSet) => automaticly takes insert, delete and update...

dataGrid.DataSource = myDataSet
dataGrid.DataMember = myDataSet

Answer #2    Answered By: Jonathan Brown     Answered On: Jun 07

i just see u have already solved your problem...

btw: for you dynamically controls: i've the same problem and solved it temporaly by using the visible style...
But i know this couldn't be the correct way...

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