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New setup questions

  Date: Dec 06    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 324

With all the problems I have had on my new computer I decided to reinstall my os
and setup this up a bit differently.

My /home partition is on the second drive. Im going to reinstall my OS and
create a new /home about 10gb in size and then I would like to mount my old
/home as /data. My question is, if I do this, does that frack anything up? I
mean, the name of the "home" is just a name.. it could be any name - right.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered On: Dec 06    

I may be wrong, I usually am...

but I believe you can only boot on primary drives, primary harddrive, primary
CD/DVD or FlashDrive, things like that.

Answer #2    Answered On: Dec 06    

For booting that is right but Im just talking about home only. Im creating a new
/boot, /, and /home and then linking to my old /home and calling it /data.

Answer #3    Answered On: Dec 06    

No, it should be fine. I have several home partitions on various drives and the
only one that is important is the one used by the distro you are in. The rest
can be mounted and used as needed.

The one caution is in permissions. Since as far as your distro is concerned that
person who created the initial home is not you. You may have to access it as
root or change the permissions to make it less of a hassle. You will likely need
to open Nautilus as su with 'gksu nautilus' or if you have one in System,
Administration then use it. You can also rename the initial home to data or
whatever from gparted; just unmount it first.

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