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RMI in java

  Asked By: Gin    Date: Sep 17    Category: Java    Views: 732

Following r some of the RMI question which r

usually asked in interview,it would be usefull

for many of them, if any body can take few minutes

From there working hours and try to give the best

answer they can.

As this is interview questions it would be

useful for many

Question followssssss :

1 > Explain RMI Architecture?

2 > What are the services in RMI ?

3 > In RMI, server object first loaded into the memory and

then the stub reference is sent to the client ? or whether

a stub reference is directly sent to the client ?

4 > Suppose server object is not loaded into the memory,

and the client request for it , what will happen?

5 > What is serialization ?

6 > Can you load the server object dynamically?

If so, what are the major 3 steps involved in it ?

7> What is difference RMI registry and OSAgent ?

8> To a server method, the client wants to send a value 20,

with this value exceeds to 20,. a message should be sent

to the client ? What will you do for achieving for this ?

9 > What is the RMI and Socket ?

10 > What is the functionality stubs and skeletons ?

11 > What is serializable Interface ?

12 > How will you pass parameters in RMI ? Why u serialize?

13 > What is the exact difference in between Unicast and Multicast object ?

Where we will use ?

14 > What is the main functionality of the

Remote Reference Layer ?

15 > How do you download stubs from a Remote place ?

16 > I want to store more than 10 objects in a

remote server ? Which methodology will follow ?

17 > What is meant by class loader ? How many types are there?

When will we use them ?

18 > Explain lazy activation

19 > Firewalls in RMI

20 > Why do you use UniCastRemoteObject in RMI ?

21 > How many interfaces are used in RMI?

22 > Can Rmi registry be written in the code,

without having to write it in the command

prompt and if yes where?

23 > Why is Socket used ?

24> Name interfaces without a method ?