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retrieve data from a pivot table

  Asked By: Bara    Date: Sep 20    Category: MS Office    Views: 1697

I have a "Report Generator" workbook that imports 3 txt files and uses some of
the data from each and generates a stand alone final report. One of the txt
files is imported and turned into a pivot table. The first 4 fields (Type,
Location, Shelf, Sub-Shelf) match the way I need them to. A 4th field (BIN), is
the final field in the column portion of the pivot table. The data section
contain error code counts. (To further automate my process, I need to copy the
data that occurs in the Bin column to the a corresponding/matching cell (based
on Type, Location, Shelf, Sub-Shelf) in the Final Report. This data is inserted
depending on the error count.

As a "feature" in the Report, the recommendation cells in the SubShelves
(record) that have a ZERO fail rate are grayed-out to help prevent incorrect
data entry. Sometimes an anomaly ( see attached screen shot) appears in the
pivot table that does not have a corresponding Fail Rate. My thought on that
would be to run the compare from the Failure Report and match with the
corresponding entry in the pivot table. IF FAILRATE >0 THEN MATCH

This is a report generator that will probably wind up being used by close to 100
field personnel. Currently, I run too many of these and need to add this last
step of automation. It wlil increase the data entry accuracy and help "stupid
proof" it. The Shelf Recommendations are usually few and do not take long to add
manually. This portion I want to remain a manual process.

Again, Thanks for any suggestions...



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