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pivot table off of the columns

  Asked By: Alex    Date: Mar 03    Category: MS Office    Views: 807

I have a workbook with 3 worksheets: Detail, Sheet1, Sheet2. Sheet1
contains a pivot table off of the columns in the Detail worksheet. The
pivot table contains 4 columns - job title, rep_nam, sup_nam, count. I
have a column labeled "Mark" in the Detail worksheet that's anchored
to cell G6 in Sheet1 (anchored in that it brings back whatever's in
cell G6 if there's a match in a particular range in the Detail

Here's what I want to do - dynamically update cell G6 in Sheet1 with
the result for each rep_name in the pivot table (number of rows will
vary based on the job titles that the user selects), filter off of
the "Mark" column in the Detail worksheet, and copy the records to
Sheet2. Repeat the process until it cycles through all rep_nam's. I
would envision the user selecting job titles then hitting a button
that will start the process (so I'm thinking I'd need to somehow wipe
out anything that might exist in Sheet2 if the pivot table changes???)

I realize this may be confusing and am willing to send a copy of the
spreadsheet if that would help. I'm also not that familiar with vba so
I'm not sure the best way (or exactly how) to go about this. Any tips
or existing code that I can use as a starting point?



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