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referencing another worksheet in different workbook?

  Asked By: Bill    Date: Feb 19    Category: MS Office    Views: 2213

I frequently work with dates, being a genealogist. I have written over,
and over, a VLOOKUP for months, month name, month values.

Can I put this is its own worksheet in a workbook all by itself? Just
name the range something like MonVals, MonNams, MonAbbs and VLOOKUP will
refer to that range on a different workbook? (Without my having go open
it previously?)

For example, if have:
A1: Year, 1832
B1: Month, April
C1: Day, 28

Then in D1, have something like:

And the formula will look on a different book and sheet to find
MonVals? That would a TREMENDOUS help to me. The above should come out to:



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Answer #1    Answered By: Hariz Burki     Answered On: Feb 19

How about this:
In the VB Editor, I created a function in my Personal.xls file that looks like:
Function DateFormat(YR, MO, DY)
Dim StrDate
Select Case MO
MO = "01"
MO = "02"
Case "MAR", "MARCH"
MO = "03"
Case "APR", "APRIL"
MO = "04"
Case "MAY", "MAY"
MO = "05"
Case "JUN", "JUNE"
MO = "06"
Case "JUL", "JULY"
MO = "07"
Case "AUG", "AUGUST"
MO = "08"
MO = "09"
MO = "10"
MO = "11"
MO = "12"
End Select
StrDate = MO & "-" & DY & "-" & YR
If (IsDate(StrDate)) Then
DateFormat = Format(StrDate, "yyyy-mm-dd")
DateFormat = ""
End If
End Function
Then, in D1 I put:

Your Personal.xls file will open automatically whenever you open Excel, so the
is always available.

(I put  the worksheet  function in as a comment so that I can cut/paste it when I
need it
rather than using the wizard)
Would you like a different approach? I could come up with something.
hope this helps

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