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Excel data transfer automatically from master worksheet to other worksheets

  Asked By: Patrick    Date: Aug 11    Category: MS Office    Views: 2639

I require assistance as i have no macro knowledge on how to get Excel 2007 to automatically transfer row data (below)
Date SIC Unit # TypePM DaysOverdue Week day
3/14/2014 XMP 468-1111 PMW -21 Mon
on this master sheet titled "Shop Master" to other specific worksheets labeled for each SIC in the "SIC" column on the master sheet(SIC worksheet names are as follows: XMP, XEN, XOW, XFG, XBD, XSO, XDU, XHA, XWE, XSH, XBW, XMZ, XBJ). The intent is for a person to document all data on the master sheet daily in the morning and then hit a macro that will send all the SIC specific row data to its applicable worksheet. Later in the day, the person at that SIC will annotate "Y" or "N" on each row on its applicable SIC page which will conditionally format either red/green on the master sheet. As you can see, two way communication is needed from master to SIC sheet and vice versa in different modes. Can anyone assist with this?



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