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Re-alignment of address list in Excell using macro

  Asked By: Hayrah    Date: Feb 22    Category: MS Office    Views: 1752

I have a list of names and addresses that run down the page in an
Excel spreadsheet as follows: Col 1, row 1: name1, col 1, row 2,
address1, col 1, row 3 city,state, zip1, now the problem, the next
entry is col 1, row 4: name2, col 1, row 5 address 2, col 1, row 6,
city,state,zip 2, and the pattern continues down the column.

I am trying to put in a macro that will realign the addresses into the
next column to the right of the name(column2), and the city,state,zip
into the next column in order to sort the data and use to merge into
mail merge docs. I want the end result to have all of the names listed
in column 1, addresses column 2, and city,state,zip in column 3,
along with deleting any empty rows between the entries.

Any advice on a "loop" macro that will go down the column of data and
convert each name and address?



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