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puzzling error

  Asked By: Ashan    Date: Sep 20    Category: MS Office    Views: 1434

I'm hoping this is totally not puzzling to you guys, and you can tell
me what to do.

I've developed a complicated excel/VB application in excel 2000
(because that's the version that's on this machine.) Next, I handed
it off to a beta user who was using version 2003, and it worked fine.
He passed it on to a co-worker (also using excel 2003) to try, and it
failed. We then learned it worked on some pcs and not on others. All
machines are running Windows XP and Excel 2003. It works fine on some
and not at all on others.

When it doesn't work, you get the error box "File error: data may have
been lost" as soon as you open the workbook. That message must be
clicked 20 times (really, exactly 20 times) before the workbook will
open. When it does open, all pictures and control buttons (from the
control toolbar) are missing.

I was thinking it was an ActiveX version problem, but I don't know
enough about this kind of thing to know where to look or how to fix
it. Of course, it might be nothing like that.

Can anyone help?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Elias Turner     Answered On: Sep 20

On the machines that it does not work, do you have any Missing References?

Answer #2    Answered By: Kifah Malik     Answered On: Sep 20

The only missing references I see are those to missing buttons and
controls. That is, when the activeX controls do not get loaded, the
subroutines envolved with them complain that no such items exist.

We may have found a kludge to work around this, but I'd still be
interested in knowing why it's happening. When I was able to actually
work with two of the machines in question, I resaved the program on
the machine  it worked on in Excel 2003 and then moved that copy to the
machine it didn't work on. That moved copy worked. We'll need to try
it on the other machines it's not working on to be sure this fixes
(but does not explain) the problem.

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