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Project in java to implement Voice over IP over the ethernet

  Asked By: Adelina    Date: May 19    Category: Java    Views: 2460

I am doing a project in java to implement Voice over IP over the
ethernet. i have two threads ; one for sending voice and one for
recieving. when i run the program, after 30 to 35 seconds, i am
getting a java.lang.OutofMemoryError. please tell me how to tackle
this. My deadline is on march 10th. I will be grateful for any of
your earliest replies.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Hu Chalthoum     Answered On: May 19

After playing (or sending) the audio, just u check whether u r
freeing the allocated buffer (might be in form of byte array or
One more thing u can do, after recieving the audio data, write into a
file, and use it from there, in order to freeing th memory..