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Problem using VB6 (not VBA) to put picture file into Excel

  Asked By: Rani    Date: Dec 12    Category: MS Office    Views: 4404

I'm having some problems with using VB6 (not VBA) to place "picture
files" into Excel, specifically:

1. How to delete the previous one (and get its picture "number")
2. How to stretch the picture.

Here is what I can do:

1. I've got a custom chart requirement to show one day of stock
market activity. The charting capabilities of Excel are wanting, so
I create the chart with VB using a PictureBox. After I create the
PB, I save it using the following code:

PB1.Picture = PB1.Image
SavePicture PB1.Picture, "c:\temp\pic1.bmp"

2. I then insert it into Excel using the following code:

Dim MyXL As Excel.Workbook
Dim MyXLSh As Excel.Worksheet
Set MyXL = GetObject("c:\temp\stocks.xls")
Set MyXLsh = MyXL.Worksheets(1)

So far, so good. All done under program control. But from here, I
need to resort to manual manipulation, which I'd like to automate.

I reuse this sheet alot. So, the first thing need to do is to delete
the previous version of "c:\temp\pic1.bmp". This is complicated by
the fact that even though I only have 1 "chart" on the sheet, but
have previously inserted and subsequently deleted, say 20 times, the
new inserted picture is identified as "picture 21".
.. So, how do I find the picture number of the most recent old one?
.. And, what is the code to delete it?

Then, I need to manually increase the size of the "chart", by
dragging the lower right corner.
.. What is the code to enlarge it?



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