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Populating the default text in JTextField when the application gets

  Asked By: Adelisa    Date: Apr 11    Category: Java    Views: 2236

I have a small problem. Let me describe it clearly.

My GUI Application has four JTextField(s). When the application
execution starts, I am saving the user input values for these
JTextField(s) to disk using serialization.

Now I wish to populate these user input values when the application
gets launched. I wrote a class which does its job pakka i.e. saving
the user input values and loading them from disk. Well, the problem
that I face is I am not able to see those values in the JTextField(s)
when the app is launched. I used .setText(..) to set the values right
before the app launching but it did NOT work.

One more thing, I have tested the loading of user input values from
disk and it does load the last inputted values from disk.

I am bit poor in Swing related programming. So your help is highly



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