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Max number of sheets in workbook?

  Asked By: Reginheraht    Date: Oct 31    Category: MS Office    Views: 2132

1. I put together a list of noteworthy College Basketball Teams
(there are 337 teams on my list).

2. Then I wrote a macro that opened a new worksheet for each team and
labelled each sheet tab with the team's name.

3. Then I wrote a macro which successfully downloaded historical data
for each team and correctly placed it on the team's page.

4. Then I read in my "Excel for Dummies" book that the max number of
pages that can be in a workbook is 255.

5. Then I went back and physically counted each page to make sure
that all 337 were really there. They are there.

6. Then I went to doublecheck tools-options-general and sure enough
the New Workbook text box shows the max to be 255.

7. First question--How is this possible?

8. 2nd question. I would prefer to leave all of the 337 pages in one
book, but if it's going to cause instability going forward, I can move
some to another book. Is this necessarY?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Venkat Rulez     Answered On: Oct 31

The only limit to number  of sheets  in a workbook  is available memory,
according to:


Earlier versions of EXCEL may have had different limitiations. You should
be able to find the limitations of your version of EXCEL in the help file it
has. Just look for "limits".

The 255 limit you found is probably just an arbitrary limit they put  on a
dialog for creating new workbooks. Since it is a drop-down box, they did
have to put a limit there. Why they have it as high as 255, I don't know.
I would think 16 would be more than enough for 99.9999% of users. In fact,
I made my default 1 -- if I want to add additional worksheets, I can. It's
not like it requires a redesign of the workbook from scratch.

Answer #2    Answered By: Minal Nayak     Answered On: Oct 31

Thanks for the speedy respoonse--I have OfficeXP--I looked in
"limits" and it is just as you said--limited by available memory. So
how do you know when you have exceeded an appropriate number  for the
available memory that you have--your system just starts crashing all
the time??

Answer #3    Answered By: Haru Tanaka     Answered On: Oct 31

That I don't know.

Have you considered using a "database" (i.e. a table in EXCEL) and
then writing a page which extracts the data for a given team? For
example, a pivot table might be able to do a lot of extraction for
you. It might be easier than maintaining 337 separate pages of data.

Or, can you download the data on the fly, for a given team, as you
need it? For example, I have an add-in that grabs various data off
the web for me when I do things related to the stock market. That
way, I don't need to download and maintain the data in my own

Answer #4    Answered By: Jacob Evans     Answered On: Oct 31

The simple answer is... Yes... Something breaks.

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