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other sheet's active cell

  Asked By: Don    Date: Nov 23    Category: MS Office    Views: 717

i activate sheet2 and select cell H5, then I activate sheet1.
Now i am at sheet1. I want to know the last active cell(H5) of
sheet2 by using macro.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Clint Garcia     Answered On: Nov 23

You'll need to store a reference to it before you activate  the other sheet.

Answer #2    Answered By: Wilfred Young     Answered On: Nov 23

To store a cell  reference, it might be best to put it into a
variable, such as:

actsheet = ActiveSheet.Name
actcel = ActiveCell.Address
Or, you might use a variable to show which sheet it refers to such
actcelsh2 = ActiveCell.Address

Without any further information, I don't think I can tell what you
want to use that information for, so it would help if you would
explain what you want to do with it.

The other thing to consider is what is going to trigger the VBA
macro? . . . a sheet level event? . . . or something else?

If you tell us what you are trying to do with that information, it
might help to answer your question.

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