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KPPP is connected, computer not on line

  Date: Nov 30    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 425

I am using a Sierra 881 USB Wireless modem on a Toshiba Satellite A 105
laptop,Ubuntu 10.04.

I configured Kppp following the Sierra guide and after hitting 'connect'
it says 'connected' but the computer is not on line. There is a box
marking time saying WWAN is connected and the modem is blinking like it
is passing data.

When I click the network icon, ATT Data Connect is there and says
'disconnected', when I click it, a box comes up saying 'Enter password
to unlock your login keyring. The login keyring did not get unlocked
when you logged into your computer'

After putting in password the icon blinks a few times like it is
connecting then quits and gets a vertical red line through it.

When I click ATT Data Connect again, the same thing happens.

I am a real network dummy, I do not know what to do next, any help would
be appreciated.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered On: Nov 30    

Sounds like your are experiencing the same thing I have, Piracy by maleware.
Though most say Linux is immune. I have always suspected the MIB. Are you
polictically active in people vs. Oiligarch Bankster causes? Could be why. They
don't like people like us getting on the Internet, seems free speech mucks up
their New World Order plans.

I'm really keen to see how to fix this myself.

Answer #2    Answered On: Nov 30    

I really do not think this is a malware issue, I think it more like Kppp and
Network manager are not getting along, I wish I knew more about keyrings and how
to fix them.

I was hoping someone would give me some ideas on things to try, I am a computer
novice also and really like Ubuntu.

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