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Jsp problem

  Asked By: Ryan    Date: Jun 18    Category: Java    Views: 808

We have a JSP, with a 3 rows of input boxes. Below we have a "Add
More Rows" button, which adds to 1 row to the existing list of rows.
We call the same JSP on click of "Add More Rows", to add another row
to the existing row and we also populate the previously existing rows
with data that exisited in them before clicking the "Add More Rows"!
We use the Request to pass the values of thr rows to the JSP.

This works perfect when no data is entered in the rows and we keep
clicking "Add More Rows".

When we put data in the rows (We have a validation of 500 Characters
Max in each row.), and after having clicked "Add More Rows" twice
(meaning after a total of 5 rows), we get the "Network Connection
Error" dialog box of netscape and a blank page in IE!!!!!

We are not able to figure out where the prob is. Is it that the data
in request object is more than it can take? or anything else? pls
drop in your comments.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Nagaraju Iyaner     Answered On: Jun 18

which way of FORM submitting do you use from your page? POST?GET? I
believe that there is a limit on size of HTTP arguments when
submitted by GET method and therefore you should be using POST to be
on a safe side.
Unfortunetly besides this hint I have no other idea.

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