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is java pure oo

  Asked By: Oscar    Date: Jan 03    Category: Java    Views: 600

i saw in one technical question paper by big company
"why java is not fully object oriented ?"
still now according to my knowledge java follows all feautures of OO
can any one give me the answer for this.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Djoser Massri     Answered On: Jan 03

You probably found an article by a
Smalltalk enthusiast. Don't let it
bother you. No, I guess java  isn't
a "pure" OO language. Depending on
what you read, in a "pure" OO language:

1. Everything is an object. Java
has primitives such as integers and
characters which are not objects.

2. All objects are atomic entities,
i.e., indivisible. In Java, C++,
etc, objects are records (structures).
You can access internal members.

3. Objects have meaning only in
context of other objects. This
pretty much eliminates any early-binding
language as being pure  00.

But I think all this is so much
intellectual tripe. If you want to
get REALLY picky, it's not possible
make truly atomic objects with any
real computer, so being that picky,
there is NO pure 00 language.

And being "pure" doesn't make it
practical. Making everything an
object and doing all binding at runtime
results in something that is
unreasonably processor-intensive and
prone to programming errors that are
difficult to track down. In my book,
pure or not, you can't get a much
better language than Java.

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