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Java Encryption and Hacking

  Asked By: Vernon    Date: Dec 03    Category: Java    Views: 923

Does Java use an RSA type of encryption model? I'm looking for an
informative Java web security site. I'm particularly interested in
encryption with a dumded down description I can use for a
presentation to clients who are not computer savvy.

Also, has anyone heard of a hacker(or anyone else) breaking the RSA
encryption model. It seems impossible to factor two prime numbers
out of a gigantic 2^128 number in a reasonable amount of time. It
would take years unless there is some cleaver way to factor that I
don't know about. Can I safely tell a client that the security
threat is not from intercepting encrypted data but rather from human
errors such as giving away a password, or downloading a sniffer or
snooper program?



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