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Add-in Install Wizard?

  Asked By: Thelma    Date: Nov 25    Category: MS Office    Views: 1742

Where can I find an install wizard for updating an Excel add-in?

Here are the requirements what this wizard should be able to do:
1. Uninstall the outdated Add-in in Excel
1. Remove all old file revs from MS Office Library folder
2. Copy 4 files (xla, xls, hlp, cnt) to MS Office Library folder
3. Write Add-in info to the windows registry
4. Install Add-in in Excel
5. Remove all installation files from the source folder

As you see, a general Install Wizard does not help, since it is not
able to install the Add-in in Excel. I only have to use this install
wizard for this Add-in, thus I'm looking for freeware.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Erika Evans     Answered On: Nov 25

since nobody was able to answer my question, I did some
research and found a solution. I thought it might be worthwhile to
share it in case others have the same issue.

I found a freeware wizard which is petty simple to use and set-up:
It cobines all the files  into one EXE file. It also allows to "view"
file  at the end of the installation. This wizard is copying all my
files into a folder.

Then it openes an XLS file, which contains the Add-in installation
routine in the Workbook_Open event. Well, some users may have their
security setting set to high, disabling macros. So the default XLS
page which is displayed tells the user how to re-set the security
settings and asks to run the setup again. And well, if the user
enables the macro, the first step in the Workbook_Open event is to
hide this start page and display a page which is showing the
progress of the installation.

Maybe not a lot of people may have to install  Add-ins on other PCs,
but those who do may benefit from knowing this solution and save
quite some time.

Answer #2    Answered By: Jermaine Powell     Answered On: Nov 25

Yeah Wolfram, that's the procedure. Have a look on
http://www.jrsoftware.org/isinfo.php also for your setup utility. It's free
and it's great and you can donate!

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