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Ghost Hand on my worksheet

  Asked By: Hamish    Date: Nov 15    Category: MS Office    Views: 1608

When we protect our sheet and we move toward the top (from A1:G25,
respectfully) we get a hand on mouse over anywhere in that area...

we found on the VBE Sheet a MACRO "button_29Click"... so we delete it
out and then on opening we would get an error...

so we put it back in and the error goes away... there isn't a lick of
any button anywhere on that sheet and we can't figure it out...

any ideas???



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Alexis Castillo     Answered On: Nov 15

Let's find out:
with that sheet  the active sheet:
press Alt+F11 to open the vbe  (visual basic editor)
Make sure the immediate window's open with Ctrl+G (or View|Immediate
then type the following line in that pane followed by [Enter]:
if the result's not zero then enter the next line folllowed by
for each shp in activesheet.shapes:?shp.name:next

You might get something like this:
Button 29

in which case you've got some buttons on the sheet but not visible.
Come back  with what you get and we'll take it from there.

Answer #2    Answered By: Dot net Sachin     Answered On: Nov 15

We actually created a little function following your code guidelines...
Turns out there were 2 shapes each on the 3 sheets, so we just did a
Worked like a charm...

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