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How to get an ID for an entity

  Asked By: Fabiana    Date: May 05    Category: Java    Views: 472

I am trying to write a simple swing form with ADF and here is my point:
1- Senario
I have three fields, ID, LastName and FirstName on the form. The ID
is disabled and it must get its value from the application when we
want to insert a new record. I do not want to use insert triggers or
sequence generators or stored procedures, So i have to read the max id
and increment it by one from inside the application.
2- Questions
- Where is the appropriate position for getting the max Id? Entity
object? View Object? Application Module or Swing form?
- ADF gives us the create() method in Entity object and it defines
it for having initial values for attributes, like what i need, but the
question is how do i have to read the max id from inside this method?
Do i have to execute a select statement? if so how? do i have to
define another view object wich reads the max id? and in this case,
how do i have to access this view object from inside another Entity
Object? Is it generaly OK to access a view object from inside an
Entity object?



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