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Easy Java question?

  Asked By: Willie    Date: Nov 11    Category: Java    Views: 693

I have a question, the following is the
code for a script i am running:


<applet archive="txtscroll.jar" code=txtscroll.class width=350
<param name=credits value="Applet by Fabio Ciucci (www.anfyteam.com)">
<param name=regcode value="NO">
<param name=reglink value="NO">
<param name=regnewframe value="YES">
<param name=regframename value="_blank">
<param name=statusmsg value="TxtScroll applet">
<param name=backimage value="NO">
<param name=backR value="140">
<param name=backG value="135">
<param name=backB value="220">
<param name=overimg value="NO">
<param name=overimgX value="0">
<param name=overimgY value="0">
<param name=textscroll value="txtscr5.txt">
<param name=texttype value="horizontal">
<param name=textvspace value="0">
<param name=textminfont value="8">
<param name=textmaxfont value="172">
<param name=textoffset value="25">
<param name=textspeed value="2">
<param name=textfont value="Helvetica">
<param name=textbold value="NO">
<param name=textitalic value="NO">
<param name=textsize value="24">
<param name=textshadow value="YES">
<param name=TextColR value="250">
<param name=TextColG value="250">
<param name=TextColB value="250">
<param name=TextSColR value="20">
<param name=TextSColG value="20">
<param name=TextSColB value="20">
<param name=TextJumpAmp value="0">
<param name=TextJumpSpd value="0">
<param name=TextSineAmp value="0">
<param name=TextSineSpd value="0">
<param name=TextSineAngle value="0">
<param name=memdelay value="1000">
<param name=priority value="3">
<param name=MinSYNC value="10">
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Question is: I would like to make the box that the text scrolls in,
disappear. I have changed the following lines but can not figure ouit
how to make the background box go away:
<param name=backR value="140">
<param name=backG value="135">
<param name=backB value="220">

So, what value needs to go into the code to make the box go away? I
have tried "0" in all 3 lines of code and that makes it black. I also
tried "No" and "None". None of these work. Can someone shed some
light on this for me or point to somewhere/someone that can?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Wilfred Young     Answered On: Nov 11

Try setting the color of the text  equal to the color of the

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