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Developing for handhelds

  Asked By: Lloyd    Date: Jun 05    Category: Java    Views: 497

I have a potential opportunity to develop a program for handhelds and
am thinking Java would be the right tool for the job. Does anyone
here know of any decent tutorials or infomation sites for getting
started with Java for handhelds development?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Ryder Anderson     Answered On: Jun 05

This tutorial from Sun gets you started:


It's meant for wireless applications, but it doesn't have to be
wireless. It starts you with a "Hello World" type of application.
You can choose from a number of venues to run your application on
from cel phones to handhelds like the palm. You name it, they have
an emulator for it. For the Palm, you have to download the emulator,
the "skin" for the particular handheld you are using, and the "ROM
image" all available free from Palm.com. I set it up for my Win98
machine, and it worked like a charm.

There are some other java  like applications like Waba and SuperWaba,
that might be helpful, but I think thier popularity is fizzling out.
I would stick with J2ME. If you do a google.com search for Waba or
Superwaba, you should find a sight for them.

Finally, I like the book "Core J2ME Technology & MIDP" by John W
Muchow. It's published by Sun.

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