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Develop a distance learning system as my project

  Asked By: Aditi    Date: Oct 07    Category: Java    Views: 1404

i am new to j2ee!
and i have to develope a distance learning system as my project !!! :(
ofcourse not as a whole :)
there is an archetectural design available,
and i have to choose a part of it to impeliment as my project.
i need some help to choose a subject that i can accomplish.
also , some advices on how to start will be appriciated



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Answer #1    Answered By: Adelmo Fischer     Answered On: Oct 07

Firs of all you have to decide which part of j2ee you want to use and why ?for example you can consider the follwing parameter to select possible technology.
1- are your application is going to be a distributed application or not.if it 's not a distributed app I suggest no to use EJB part of J2EE .
2- if it's going to be a web application ,you can use an MVC Framework such as Struts for web application and for Data Access Layer you can use Hibernate for your OR Mapping.
if there is another issue please let me know.

Answer #2    Answered By: Mansur Bashara     Answered On: Oct 07

Just as a side note, even the fully distributed enterprise applications can be easily implemented without any EJB... EJB is more like a headache than a tool to help! Let's see how EJB 3.0 will correctly address these issues in practice.

Answer #3    Answered By: Farah Khan     Answered On: Oct 07

If the architecture design is in place so that should answer you as what would be the next step. You need to get into object oriented design and creation. I assume you already have the framework architecture along with hardware and software requirements. Now you have to look into each tier and decide (according to your requirements) as what would be more suitable for each tier. i.e applets / HTML for client tier or think of servlets / JSP for web tier and so on.

What layer are you more interested in? if it is business tier, then you need to think of EJBs and JDOs and consider performance and security patterns.

I guess it's more your call now.

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