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Deleting copied info

  Asked By: Jason    Date: Jan 01    Category: MS Office    Views: 629

I want to make list of items in one row, copy them to another place on the
worksheet, then when the item has been aquired I will delete it from the
first column, but I don't want a zero to appear in the place where it was
pasted to, I want the cell to be blank. How do I achieve this.
I am using Excel 2003.



6 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Jo Fowler     Answered On: Jan 01

just make it like this one.like original one is on sheet1.cells(1,1) and you
want to cut it to sheet2.cells(2,2)


sheet1.cells (1,1)=""

Answer #2    Answered By: Blaze Fischer     Answered On: Jan 01

I'm sorry, but your question is confusing.
I think I can guess at what you REALLY mean, but
if I did, I probably would guess wrong and waste both of our times.
You want to make a list  of items  in one ROW,
COPY them to another location.
then, DELETE the item  from the first COLUMN.
when did something show up in a column? I thought the data was in a row?
Now, if you actually have copied  the contents from one cell  to another,
what you do to one cell will have no affect on the other cell.
but then you said that you want the copied cell to be blank  instead of "0".
That implies that you are not copying the cell from one location to another,
but are using some formula, which results in "0" when the source cell is empty.
Before I continue on a path that doesn't end up anywhere near where you were
going, could you give me some more specifics?
even examples?

Answer #3    Answered By: Pam Harrison     Answered On: Jan 01

I have all 30 hockey teamas liste in colum A, I want to record each
particpatnts picks for the game in colums B-? (depenging on # in pool)
(was using =a1 etc) then I want to delete  the team that lost leaving
the winning teams showing. This way it is easier for me to calculate
the person who has the most right. But when I delete the team from
Colum A I get zeros in the cell  where I had the =a1.
Does this make any more sense? I could save the spread shette as
html and post the link so ou can see what I am doing.

Answer #4    Answered By: Shannon Hughes     Answered On: Jan 01

Ah.. see that wasn't so hard!!! (grin)
You're not COPYING the cell, you have a FORMULA in the "other" cell.
Try using this formula:
That way, if A1 is blank, then this cell  will have a blank.
If A1 has a value, then this cell will show that value.
hope this helps.

Answer #5    Answered By: Clinton Edwards     Answered On: Jan 01

The countblank formula will not work with this sheet as the cells actually
have formulas in them now. Or can it be edited?

Answer #6    Answered By: Adelaide Fischer     Answered On: Jan 01

I just did a test:
my sheet:
-- --
A =IF(A1<>"",A1,"")
B =IF(A2<>"",A2,"")
C =IF(A3<>"",A3,"")
D =IF(A4<>"",A4,"")
E =IF(A5<>"",A5,"")
F =IF(A6<>"",A6,"")
G =IF(A7<>"",A7,"")
H =IF(A8<>"",A8,"")
I =IF(A9<>"",A9,"")
J =IF(A10<>"",A10,"")
K =IF(A11<>"",A11,"")


the countblank was "0", then I deleted "C"
and the countblank was 1
Deleted a few more, and it counted properly.
What do your formulas look like?
Can you send me the file directly?

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