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Delete cell data but NOT entire row/column

  Asked By: Ric    Date: Apr 13    Category: XML    Views: 609

I’m using Microsoft Excel 2010, I have Windows 8 and have ‘some vba’ experience.
Any help would be so appreciated! This is a project I am working on for the Senior Center my wife and I volunteer at (we are Seniors also). The Center serves meals to the folks 5 days a week.
I have a workbook that has worksheets named ‘Menu’, ‘NamesList’ and ‘wk1’). The sheet ‘wk1’ will have columns named Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. and the cells in the columns will be populated with people’s names that are added from a userform (a different userform for each day). The userforms are activated from the worksheet named ‘Menu’. In the ‘wk1’ sheet, column “A” may have 30 names, column “B” may only have 24 names and column “C” may have 50 names. The userform has a MultiPage box, the first tab, named “Add My Name To The List”, will have a ComboBox that is populated from the worksheet ‘NamesList’, people can scroll down, find their name, click on it then click an “Add My Name” cmdButton to add their name to one of the columns Monday or Tuesday or whatever day’s userform they selected from the ‘Menu’ sheet. I have each userform ComboBox programed to enter their name in that day’s column. The second form page tab is named “Remove Me” and that page will have a ComboBox and after they select their name from the list (it is populated from the Monday (or whatever day) column (already have that part programed), they can click the “Remove Me” cmdButton and their name will be removed from that cell ONLY (the entire row can NOT be deleted and the other columns MUST remain intact, only the selected cell data will be removed) the cells below will then move up either at that moment or after the person exits (I have it set to sort the columns alphabetically so the cells could move up then). Hope this isn’t too confusing!!
P.S. - the names in the ‘NamesList’ is populated at the same time as column “A” or “B” etc. but after duplicates are removed (I have that part programed already) and the list sorted it will stay intact and names will only be removed by someone in the office, not any of the Seniors that are signing up.




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