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Data Sum rows not hidded

  Asked By: Jaxson    Date: Feb 03    Category: MS Office    Views: 1671

I want to sum data in a column. Simple =SUM(AB1:B500)

Now I have a macro that hides rows based on user imput in another
column. If they were filtered, I'd use =Subtotal(9,B1:B500) but it's
a macro that simply hides the row and Subtotal sums even the hidden

Is there another equation I can use to count column B if
Column A = blank, or any letter, but NOT any number between 1 and

I thought about making another column (C) with
=IF(AND(A4>1,A4<10000),B4,"") then summing (C) and subtracting this
number from =SUM(B4:B500) but is there another eligant way?

I have also thought of =Sumif() but that doesn't work if the
criteria is another column, just a value.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Billy Evans     Answered On: Feb 03


Answer #2    Answered By: Isam Bashara     Answered On: Feb 03

It works GREAT.
just had to change to:
=SUM(B1:B500) -SUMPRODUCT( --(A1:A500> 0),--(A1: A500<10000) ,B1:B500)
=SUM(B1:B500) -SUMPRODUCT( --(A1:A500> 1),--(A1: A500<10000) ,B1:B500)
to make "1" a non-read criteria.

Just wished I'd waited until I got your eMail. I just spent the last few hours
manually editing all the formulas in B to read as zero if 1-10000 was in A. FUN

=IF(AND(A18>0,A18<10000),0,equation already in cell) and they were all
different equations and on two different sheets.

Thanks for the help. I like your way better. Might even change them all back
(I have a back up file and can just copy and paste the old data  back in) and use
your solution.

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