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To calculate the time difference between two days

  Asked By: Kenneth    Date: Feb 20    Category: MS Office    Views: 2281

I want to find the difference in hours between two days.
Like difference between 6/25/2007 12:30:00 and 6:28/2007 10:45:00....
I want to get the result in HH:MM format.



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Luki Fischer     Answered On: Feb 20

Dim intDiff as integer, strDiff as String

intDiff = DateDiff("n", date1, date2)

strDiff = CStr(Int(intDiff/60)) & ":" & CStr(intDiff mod 60)

Debug.Print strDiff

Answer #2    Answered By: Dennis Hayes     Answered On: Feb 20

This program returns the number of days  between two dates. I need the hours
between these two days.
Like, the number of hours between

06/25/2006 6:20:00 and
06/28/2006 13:30:00

is 79:10 hours.

I want a program to calculate  the number of hours and minutes(hh:mm
format)between two days.
Please help.

Answer #3    Answered By: Canan Kaya     Answered On: Feb 20

I believe you are wrong, and I assume you have not tried the code. I wrote
it into a function for you, and changed the integer to a long to handle
larger values.

Public Function HoursDiff(date1, date2) As String

Dim Diff As Long, strDiff As String

lngDiff = DateDiff("n", date1, date2)

strDiff = CStr(Int(lngDiff / 60)) & ":" & CStr(lngDiff Mod 60)

HoursDiff = strDiff

End Function

In my immediate window, I got:

?hoursdiff(#06/25/2005 6:20:00#, # 06/28/2006 13:30:00#)


The key is the first argument to the DateDiff function -- the "n" computes
the number of minutes between two dates. You could check the docs on

I believe I'm handing it to you on a silver platter. You might want to test

Answer #4    Answered By: Steve Boyd     Answered On: Feb 20

I am sorry. It was my fault. I did test the code and it worked good.
Thanks for your help.

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