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Best IDE

  Asked By: Caleb    Date: Mar 14    Category: Java    Views: 660

How is the best java IDE ?
I think to use NetBeans or Eclipse, it´s good, how is the best?



5 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Taylor Evans     Answered On: Mar 14

For professional projects I recommend using SunOne Studio or Oracle JDeveloper

Answer #2    Answered By: Benjamin Simpson     Answered On: Mar 14

Is this IDE´s are free????? I don´t have money!!!

Answer #3    Answered By: Adalwen Fischer     Answered On: Mar 14

i try all the most popular JavaIDE s like Eclipse, JBuilder,
JDeveloper, and
also one low level basic text editors like Editplus, Notepad. i have
to be
found lots of java  projects for 4 years, and i think the best java
ide is
also the least popular one, and also the newest one :

IntelliJIDEA. http://www.intelij.com

Download and try the fully-functional version of IntelliJ IDEA 3.0.4
for a
30 day trial period.

Answer #4    Answered By: Dylan Evans     Answered On: Mar 14

I want a free IDE, eclipse  or NetBeans !!!! What is the best!!

Answer #5    Answered By: Kerry Wright     Answered On: Mar 14

IntelliJ is not a free tool for java, but u can use within evaluation period.
But if you try to make your choice with free tools, i prefer to use NetBeans,
but this is only my thougts. Any other other one can says that ECLIPSE is the
best. The choice is related what u want, not what u see. Eclipse has lots of
plug-ins, and powered by IBM, you know. And NetBeans has the power of execution
speed. Before u make a choice, u must NetBeans with J2SDK 1.4.2, the newest
version of J2SDK. I had read the performance test of the new JDK, and the
execution speed is really incredible.

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