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Which Java IDE Compiles Native Code -.EXEs- ?

  Asked By: Oscar    Date: Nov 28    Category: Java    Views: 1366

I've decided to give Java a try... and discarded .Net!

Now I'm looking for the best possible IDE which can
compile to a Windows EXEcutable file, and if possible
to other targets like OSX or Linux.

I remember many years ago, IBM's Visual Age use to
have something like this? Does it still do so today?
Which other tool supports it? Or do I need an add-on



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Answer #1    Answered By: Zoar Mizrachi     Answered On: Nov 28

Do you really need to create platform dependant executables? Did you
know that you can package your java  code as a .jar file which can be
started up like an exacutable by double clicking on it for win32
systems loaded with jvm 1.2+. The same can be said about other
platforms as well. Just look search google for "executable jar".

Answer #2    Answered By: Eileen Carr     Answered On: Nov 28

On the same digest you answer me, there is a
discussion on how to make a Java program as fast as
Visual Basic! Come on! We deserve a native  compiler
to forget all this stuff! Why can't we have a native
compiler AND Java... the executable .jar file is OK,
but is certainly never going to beat a native app, and
I would like to have a native app without using C or
C++. To me is just less headaches, you get Java, and
native code, the best of both worlds!

So please if anyone on this list knows of any IDE or
tool that creates native code, .EXEs for Windows, and
if possible other OSes, please let us know.

Answer #3    Answered By: Phoebe Brown     Answered On: Nov 28

I am not so sure you can find any IDE capable of
create native  code and window EXE because Java not
intended to go that approach. As you create your
source code  the first thing you code is the public
class that also serves as EXE.

With Java HotSpot I think you can make your Java run
faster than VB the only language it behind is C.

Me, I think you do whatever fit in your organization
because every organization different. Java is popular
because ... otherwise, Bill Gate not spend a dime to
create C# which based on Java's technology.

Answer #4    Answered By: Latoya Murray     Answered On: Nov 28

I think Microsoft j++ generates EXEs

Answer #5    Answered By: Shobhana R.     Answered On: Nov 28

I think maybe you choose a wrong programming language,
which was written to build the your application.

In my opinion, you must specify your application is
really in need of execution on a specific platform or
multi-platform so that you have a choose a
corresponding programming language building your

When your application is really in need of execution
on Windows platform, you should choose programming
languages like C, C++, Visual Basic, Pascal, Delphi
and so on or your application is run on UNIX platform,
you should choose languages like CC, gcc, g++ and so
on. Otherwise, your application is really in need of
execution for multi-platform, you should choose Java
or C# language.

Answer #6    Answered By: Carl Woods     Answered On: Nov 28

Visual Cafe (Symantec) is, I think so for.
I have converted java  file into native  exe file and it run on other pcs. but i
am not sure it will not on other os . i made it on windows plateform and check
it on windows.
try to make and check on other os.

Answer #7    Answered By: Adal Fischer     Answered On: Nov 28

You said about my choice of java  over C#:
"I think maybe you choose a wrong programming
language, which was written to build the your

I disagree wholeheartedly, I believe Java is right for
my application, I have given it a lot of thought and
discarded .Net in the process.

I think that if Java is to succeed, it must ADAPT and
EVOLVE. It must march forward, not just "settle" with
what has been achieved so far. And why not compile to
native Executables? It is not such a big deal, it
would actually HELP JAVA not diminish it if there were
many tools to do this.

Java right now can target many OSes, and that is very
valuable to me since, we need that capability, but to
be honest, we need performance too. And judging by a
multitude of emails I've read on the subject, I am not
alone on this one.

The ideal situation, would be to have the option to do
so, the FREEDOM to do so, with JAVA, and not be
obliged to settle to what we have now. Even old PERL
has a way to compile to machine code, does that make
it less powerful? No way! It makes it more powerful,
not less. It gives the programmer better tools, and
that is what Java is all about.

Eclipse's SWT is the same story, call it progress,
evolution, or just not settling with the status quo,
but is that very feeling what brought us Java, if not
we would still be talking C++.

By the way I have found some good news on this
subject, so there they go:

1. There is an easy way to do the Executable Jar, the
tool is called Executor, find it at:

http://mpowers.net/executor/ it's $25

2. Apparently there are two IDEs that are capable of
machine code  compilation of a Java program, an article
on this subject can be found at:


The IDEs are:

IBM's Visual Age of Websphere Studio

NetGain's Visual Cafe

Please if anyone has experience with this IDEs and can
confirm this good news, please do so.

3. There is a third party tool that supports the
latest Java JDK and can do EXEs, it is called
Excelsior Jet.

Visit it at:


4. There is even a GNU project on this subject, visit
it at:


So why settle? Let's go forward with Java!

Answer #8    Answered By: Devlan Jones     Answered On: Nov 28

I think that your application will be encountered
performance problem, which is calculated by
miliseconds and at that time C,C++ (not Perl)
languages will be the number one for choice.

I also aggree with you there is some compilers, which
can directly compile code java  to machine code  but I
think it is not good for optimization. Because a C or
C++ program (include a lot of source files and
libraries) will be translated to machine code and
running by "machine instruction" directly, while a
java program is translated to machine code ( as some
compiler try to do like that), it must integrate your
source code and code that has duty as the JVM (such as
memomy management mechanism, exception handling and so
on). For this analyzation, we can think that a C or
C++ program has a performance higher than Java program
when it has the same design and structure.

Although, there is some companies try to make Java
compilers, which can directly compile Java to machine
code, I think it is only make satisfy require of
programmers because Java languages has been designed
and running in JVM (it is very complicate) and so it
is not good for translate from Java Source to machine
code and this translation is not also ideal of Java
language designer, it is only raised by software
companies from require and goal of programmers.

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