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would java ver 1.1 books any use in learning ver 1.4?

  Asked By: Rainhard    Date: Apr 05    Category: Java    Views: 876

I'm a novice programmer and i had just learned basic concepts of
object oriented programming and now i want to learn java on my own.
Long time back, i had bought Cay S. Horstmann and Gary Cornell's
Core java books for java ver 1.1 and as i understand now we have
java ver 1.4 and i'm wondering whether these books would be of any
use now?, I think with every new version new libraries and classes
would be added and it doesn't make any difference unless we plan to
implement any class from new libraries or modified classes, is this

I know my question is trivial one but please excuse me on this.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Beverly Brooks     Answered On: Apr 05

I don't think they have actually removed anything from 1.1, although
there has been a lot of differences, some things won't change others
will change quite considerably.

Going on a limb, basic  syntax will probably be the same, and even simple
Object manipulation and even some AWT stuff, but lots of stuff has been
changed since then. If I recall correctly that Threads where reworked
after 1.1, Swing was introduced, Sockets where reworked ... Lots of
really good core skills :)

As I said the book isn't useless, and can help you start. Although it
won't survive as long  as it used to.

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