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UserOS Extreme 9.04 OS

  Date: Nov 29    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 443

I have a copy of UserOS Extreme 9.04 am wishing to install in new build.I am new
to computing (60 yrs young) wishing to move into 21st century...are there any
found problems (and fixes)...should i be wary of problems during install or in
daily use...



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Answer #1    Answered On: Nov 29    

I applaud your wish to learn something new - I started to use Linux
about 3 years ago and I'm quite a bit older than you.

Probably nobody here has experience with UserOS Extreme and you can
not expect much support on this Ubuntu forum. It is also an older
version at 9.04, released in April of 2009. It cost nothing more to
start with the latest version - 10.04 (released in 2010, 4th month).

I would strongly recommend that you obtain the most recent Ubuntu,
Kubuntu or Xubuntu rather than using the one you have. Ubuntu has the
most users of any distro. UserOS Extreme has a much smaller user base
and consequently very little support compared to the 3 above. Anything
you get on the disk can be downloaded free using the build in Software
Manager in these distros. You could also try out Puppy OS, very small
and amazingly complete. Check www.distrowatch.com for a huge list,
reviews and links for most distros. Start with a "Live CD" which you
can sample without installing or changing anything on your hard drive.

Assuming you have a computer running something which can get you onto
the internet you can download them free from the ubuntu.com website.
Then burn the .iso file to a disk - there are instructions on the
website. If not you can mail a request for free CD's which they will
send to you postpaid at no charge.

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