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Terminal emulation

  Date: Nov 24    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 298

I'm lost on this one I hope someone here can "hand me a flashlight". Thanks
to MS licensing 6 I've the
go ahead to start finding a Linux replacement for some of our Windows
desktop boxes(can I get an AMEN
from the crowd!). I have most of the issues ironed out except for one major
one (weeeell so far anyway).
We currently run our billing system on a AIX platform and use terminal
emulators (Putty using vt100+
seems to work perfectly) to log into the UNIX box. We are required to use
vt100+ so that the major function
keys( in the billing package ) will work properly. Unfortunatly the Linux
box I'm using (Red Hat 7.2) will
not work as is when I ssh into the UNIX box. I know nothing of modifying
terminal keymaps in Linux. Can
someone here enlighten me and/or send so links to appropriate info...are
there any vt100+ emulators for
Linux ( a Linux version of Putty would do nicely)? any help would be
greatly appreciated!