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How to Solve This Complex Problem. Its a judge point of my Inteviewr

  Asked By: Nitin    Date: Jun 04    Category: C Programming    Views: 1218

I am given a problem to write a program on it in an interview. All the rounds are cleared but the only thing remaining is to solve the problem using any of the language code.

Below is the detail:

- there is a 15x15 checkerboard
- on each square there is initially 1 beetle
- a bird flies by 100 times
- each time the bird flies by the beetles panic and jump up; they will land on an adjacent field
- beetles won't jump off the board nor "wrap around" in case they are at a border
- beetles can stack on each other, so a square can have more than one beetle

Please show us the checkerboards beetle population on the 25, 50 and 100 approach of the bird.
Which square hosts the highest beetle population on the 25, 50 and 100 approach?
You can use any programming language of your choice and also any third party library.

we look for a printout of the checkerboard on the console, no 3D, HTML-GUI, Java-Swing, ... needed.

Please help me with this. I have to submit it by tomorrow. It could get me a new job. Thanks in advance.



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