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simple question

  Asked By: Bogart    Date: Nov 17    Category: MS Office    Views: 1322

The following code is trying to download data from a website into a spreadsheet:

Sub Book2()

Dim frequency As String, frequencyconversion As String, nacode As String,
startdate As Date, enddate As Date, MMDateStartArray As Variant

Dim calendar1 As String, dateformat As String, dataorder As String,
TempDateTotal As Long, Values(1 To 20), TodayDate As Date, Transpose As Variant

On Error Resume Next

startdate = 6 / 13 / 2002
enddate = "Today"
frequency = "FREQ_DAY"
frequencyconversion = "CONV_FIRSTBUS_ABS"
nacode = "NA_NOTHING"
calendar1 = "CAL_USBANK"
dateformat = "DATES_IN_ROWS"
dataorder = "DO_ASCENDING"

'database query
Expression = "DB(FCRV,SWAP,ZERO,2M,RT_MID)"

'ReDim Values(1 To 200) ..... do i need to do this ?

'I am stuck here ..... how to capture data into the array "Values()" below ... I
mean what should I include here (???) .....

Values(???) = Application.Run("DQ_SERIES", startdate, enddate, frequency,
frequencyconversion, nacode, calendar1, Expression, dateformat, dataorder)

With Range("DataField")
Range(.Offset(0, 0), .Offset(UBound(Values, 2), UBound(Values, 1))) =
End With

End Sub



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