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renaming or moving XLA files to other location

  Asked By: Brayden    Date: Nov 06    Category: MS Office    Views: 2302

renaming or moving XLA It looks that if I rename an XLA file (although I keep Project Name
the same), causes a lot of problems! Also if I want to move an XLA
file to another directory, while I already use the functions in a
spreadsheet, this cause a lot problems.
Why is the Add-In functionality not solving these problems; as an
intermediate to translate an 'Add-In Available' name towards the
directory\file.xla. It looks now that functions are related to
directory\XLA.file, while it would be much handier to relate a
function to 'Add-In available' name.

Or do I fully misunderstand things. Ideas or help in making functions
more independant on XLA file name and directory are welcome.

By the way, where is the 'Add-In available' name coming from. It looks
I can't change that name anywhere. Can someone tell me how I change
this 'Add-In available' name (the name visibile in the Tools ->
Add-in... menu). It is not related to 'VBAProject properties...'

So also help on this is wanted.
files to other location



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Hadil Khan     Answered On: Nov 06

Hope somebody can help me with this still open issue I have
I have the same problem if I e-mail an XLA Add-In file  to someone (and
of course I can't control where they put it [the default add-in
directory is different for instance due to 'account name' in the path).
An XLS that uses this XLA Add-In can not find the functions from the
XLA Add-In file; it looks that the path is hardcoded in the XLS file...

Or is there another way in distributing XLA files  and XLS files that
use the XLA Add-In?

ANY (really ANY) help is very welcome.

Answer #2    Answered By: Dale Jones     Answered On: Nov 06

You can always reach the correct folder if you user %USERPROFILE%\DIR.

If you want to install there, it's a good idea create a INSTALL.BAT file. You
will want to put it into a ZIP file. Is also a good idea create a
_UNPACK_ME!!!.TXT file  and a README.TXT file both with instructions.

About the filename changing by the user, you can avoid this if you follow the
ZIP Pack with method. Since the INSTALL.BAT will do all the service and put the
XLA into a unused folder by the user (not frequently like My DOCUMENTS), the XLA
file will be very far from the "dangerous" user. Other good reason to distribute
via Zip Pack is that if you put the XLA into a website or a intranet site, you
will probably have a lot of problems with filename.

So, Zip is a solution that I have been using and with very good results. See
that with ZIP file I can do this:


...but inside of them all, the XLA is always THE SAME, because I want to
overwrite by the old. After the install/update process, the Users' Excel will
not scream "Hey man, where is my XLA?!!!". And, finally, another great reason to
pack into a ZIP file is that I can even put a PDF file with small printscreens
if a User Guide is needed. But on my daily work, I put the User Manual on a
separated PDF file because I have minor changes between the versions and I use
to announce the "New features" by e-mail.

Well, I hope it can help you on your daily tasks... Please don't hesitate to
give a feedback.

Answer #3    Answered By: Nicolas Costa     Answered On: Nov 06

I mean that the xla  FILENAME is the same.
And I want overwrite by the NEW one, not the old one...

Answer #4    Answered By: Djoser Massri     Answered On: Nov 06

THANKS, I will work with your procedure to get used to it. Sounds to
be able to solve my problem

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