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Recordset EOF on Filter "HELP" not true

  Asked By: Joao    Date: Nov 20    Category: MS Office    Views: 1853

I pass the recordset into a procedure... I do a recordcount inside the
procedure as well to verify I have data... 422 records to be exact and
when i apply the filter I get EOF... why There is data because I am
looking at the Database as well and see it...

here is the Beginning procedure: (where is passed to is below)

'Instantiate DB connection
Set cnDB = GetAHMCODB()

'Get list of active hotels
Set rsHotel = GetHotelListRS(cnDB, False)

'VBA.Right(s010Acct, 8)

Set cHotels = New Collection
If sFilter <> "" Then
rsHotel.Filter = "HotelCode2 = '" & sFilter & "'"
sHotelCode2 = rsHotel.Fields("HotelCode2").Value
cHotels.Add sHotelCode2
End If

Set rsActualMnthly = GetActualMonthlyRS(cHotels, iYear, iQuarter, , ,
"Revenue", "Rooms", cnDB)
Set rsDetailMnthly = GetDetailMonthlyRS(cHotels, iYear, iQuarter, , ,
"Revenue", "Rooms", cnDB)
Set rsBudgetMnthly = GetBudgetMonthlyRS(cHotels, , , iYear, iQuarter, ,
, "Revenue", "Rooms", cnDB)
Set rsForecastMnthly = GetForecastMonthlyRS(cHotels, , , iYear,
iQuarter, , , "Revenue", "Rooms", cnDB)
Set rsLastYrMnthly = GetActualMonthlyRS(cHotels, (iYear - 1), iQuarter,
, , "Revenue", "Rooms", cnDB)

iRecCount = rsActualMnthly.RecordCount

'If rsActualMnthly.EOF Then MsgBox ("TRUE")

'Iterate through hotels
While Not rsHotel.EOF
'Initialize variables
sHotelID = rsHotel.Fields("HotelID").Value
sHotelCode2 = rsHotel.Fields("HotelCode2").Value
sHotelName = rsHotel.Fields("Name").Value

'Create a new sheet from our template
Set oBook = Application.Workbooks.Add(sTemplateFile)

'UnProtect each worksheet
For Each oSheet In oBook.Worksheets
'UnProtect sheet
oSheet.Unprotect Password:=conSegReview
Next oSheet

'Set up Summary sheet with Hotel Name
Set oSheet = oBook.Worksheets("Summary")
oSheet.Range("A1").Value = sHotelName
oSheet.Range("A2").Value = iYear

'Pass in each sheet for updating
For Each oSheet In oBook.Worksheets
ssheet = oSheet.Name
Call UpdateWorksheet(oSheet, sHotelCode2, rsActualMnthly,
rsDetailMnthly, rsBudgetMnthly, rsForecastMnthly, rsLastYrMnthly, iYear,
Next oSheet

here is where the Recordset is passed to:

'Special Case here for thes 2 because of the months for the Q
Select Case oSheet.Name

Case Is = "Summary"

Call PutDatesOnSumTab(oSheet, iQuarter, oRange)

Case Is = "Rack Corp"

Call PutDatesOnRackTab(oSheet, iQuarter, oRange)

iMonthFrom = GetMonthsForQtr(iQuarter, iMonthFrom)

Case Else

iMonthFrom = GetMonthsForQtr(iQuarter, iMonthFrom)

End Select
'Exits to go to the next sheet... no data need for this sheet
If oSheet.Name = "Summary" Then Exit Function

s199Acct = Get199Acct(oSheet, s199Acct)
s010Acct = Get010Acct(oSheet, s010Acct)

'Set the first Row value
iRow = 9

For iMonth = iMonthFrom To (iMonthFrom + 2)

iRecCount = rsActualMnthly.RecordCount

'Get Rooms Rented for hotel, month and account
rsActualMnthly.Filter = "HotelCode2 = '" & sHotelCode2 & "' And
TranMM = " & iMonth & " AND AccountCode = '" & s199Acct & "'"
'iRecCount = rsActualMnthly.RecordCount
If Not rsActualMnthly.EOF Then
i199RmsSold = rsActualMnthly.Fields("SumOfAmount").Value
oSheet.Cells(iRow, ActualRms_Col) = i199RmsSold
i199RmsSold = 0
'Get Rooms Rented for hotel, month and account
rsDetailMnthly.Filter = "HotelCode2 = '" & sHotelCode2 & "' And
TranMM = " & iMonth & " And AccountCode = '" & s199Acct & "'"
If Not rsDetailMnthly.EOF Then i199RmsSold =
oSheet.Cells(iRow, ActualRms_Col) = i199RmsSold
i199RmsSold = 0
End If



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