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Problem in inserting BLOB data type intp Oracle DB

  Asked By: Darcy    Date: Dec 16    Category: Java    Views: 4278

I have some problem when I want to insert BLOB data type to oracle DB
I get the exception following:

java.lang.AbstractMethodError: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleResultSetImpl.getBlob(Ljava/lang/String;)Ljava/sql/Blob;

at line that I write
Blob blob = resultset.getBlob(1);
oracle.sql.BLOB blob = (oracle.sql.BLOB)resultset.getBlob("sample");
when I write each of these 2 lines I get the above exception.

I have used empty_blob() function in this program

I copied my source code here:

public void create() {
BufferedInputStream in = null;
OutputStream out = null;

try {
// insert a row into the BLOB table, use the empty_blob() construct for
// the BLOB field. empty_blob() creates the BLOB locator for Oracle
statement = getStatement(false);
statement.executeUpdate("INSERT INTO tracksamples (recordingid, tracknumber," +
" sample) VALUES (1, 1, empty_blob())");
// Retrieve the row that was just inserted
resultset = statement.executeQuery("SELECT sample FROM tracksamples WHERE " +
"recordingid = 1 AND tracknumber = 1 for update");
if (resultset.next()) {
// Get the BLOB locator
oracle.sql.BLOB blob = (oracle.sql.BLOB)resultset.getBlob("sample");
// Get the output stream which will be used to send data to the table.
// Use Oracle extension because JDBC 2.0 does not support writing data to BLOB
//out = ((oracle.sql.BLOB) blob).getBinaryOutputStream();
out = blob.getBinaryOutputStream();
// Let driver compute buffer size for writing to BLOB
//int bufferSize = (int) ((oracle.sql.BLOB) blob).getBufferSize();
int bufferSize = (int) blob.getBufferSize();
// Create a buffered stream to read from the file
in = new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(sampleFile), bufferSize);
// Create a byte buffer and start reading from the file
byte[] b = new byte[bufferSize];
int count = in.read(b, 0, bufferSize);
// write the bytes using the OutputStream
// loop until all bytes are written to the table
System.out.print("Storing data in database.");
while (count != -1) {
out.write(b, 0, count);
count = in.read(b, 0, bufferSize);
// Close the Input and Output Streams
// The Output stream MUST be closed before the commit
out = null;
in = null;
//And finally, commit the changes



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