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  Asked By: Nancy    Date: Feb 04    Category: MS Office    Views: 1001

Here goes my Problem

I have a VBA application Which Print data in Matrix format.

Say something like

C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 //level-1 from SQL table 1
Q1 Q2 Q3 //level-2 from SQL table 2
j1 j2 //level-3 from SQL table 3

R2 a(data)
R4 X

Where C1,C2,C3 are column @ first level.

Q1,Q2,Q3 are column @ level2,
J1 and J2 are columns @ 3rd level.
R1, R2, R3 are Rows, These are filled from Sql table 4
a,x are Data to be written against Rows and column.

Approximately first level contains Around 750 Column and 2nd level contains
500 columns.

But this Application Works fine but when number of Column increase beyond
256 report fails.

AS a short-term Fix I have Upgraded Excel2003 to Excel 2007
(since EXCEL 2007 Supports Columns Up to "XFD").

But when trying to save that as "Xls" (office 2003) format it ignores data
after "IV" column.

When saving report in ".Xlsx" (office 2007 format) size of the report comes
around 38Mb
Same report when saved in ".Mht" size of the report come around 750Mb and
its not opening in IE (internet Explorer)

Tried Converting into PDF using Microsoft "saveasPDF" Plug-in Even this
method failed.

Any Free software to convert "xlsx" into "Xls" or any other common format
would be great for temp Fix.

I would welcome any logic or any sample program to print Excel report as
mentioned above. This would be a complete Fix for this report



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Answer #1    Answered By: Stacy Cunningham     Answered On: Feb 04

It makes sense that Excel won't save all 750 columns  in a 2003 format
- since the 2003 format  won't allow for more than 256 columns.

Your attempt to use Excel 2007 would be the first thought I would have
as well for 750 columns. 38 Mb would be a bit frustrating.

The only other options that come to mind would be to...
1. Present your 750 columns vertically instead of horizontally.
(Probably easier said than done.) or
2. Use three worksheets - showing 250 columns per sheet.

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