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Parsing XML usign Java

  Asked By: Bryant    Date: Jan 18    Category: Java    Views: 665

I have been stuck on this code snippet for a minute
DocumentBuilderFactory factory =
DocumentBuilder builder = factory.newDocumentBuilder();
Document doc = builder.parse(new InputSource(new
If I do a

System.out.println(doc.getDoctype() );

I get null for both. What am I doing wrong?

My XML is located below. It is not a file. The actual XML is the String:

xml var is:

- <REQUEST TIMESTAMP="2004-01-20 10:49:33.169" TotalDevices="32">
<DEVICE Key="708" SerialNum="00104002EC9C12600300630" />
<DEVICE Key="709" SerialNum="00104002ECAE13300300199" />
<DEVICE Key="710" SerialNum="00104002ECAE13300300199" />
<DEVICE Key="711" SerialNum="00104002ECB413300300205" />
<DEVICE Key="712" SerialNum="00104003011613300300204" />
<DEVICE Key="713" SerialNum="00104003011613300300204" />
<DEVICE Key="714" SerialNum="00104003011B13300300195" />
<DEVICE Key="715" SerialNum="00104003011B13300300195" />
<DEVICE Key="716" SerialNum="00104003609513300300187" />
<DEVICE Key="717" SerialNum="00104003609513300300187" />
<DEVICE Key="718" SerialNum="73513FBF500000831A7286687D090083" />
<DEVICE Key="719" SerialNum="73513FBF500000831A72A228D5070073" />
<DEVICE Key="720" SerialNum="73513FBF500000831A72A228D5070073" />
<DEVICE Key="721" SerialNum="73513FBF500000831A955908D60D00C4" />
<DEVICE Key="722" SerialNum="73513FBF500000831AA24267A7000000" />
<DEVICE Key="723" SerialNum="73513FBF500000831AA24267A7000000" />
<DEVICE Key="724" SerialNum="73513FBF500000831AA957B1C9000090" />
<DEVICE Key="725" SerialNum="73513FBF500000831AAA2AA5AB070066" />
<DEVICE Key="726" SerialNum="73513FBF500000831AAA2AA5AB070066" />
<DEVICE Key="727" SerialNum="73513FBF500000831AAA2AA5AB070066" />
<DEVICE Key="728" SerialNum="73513FBF500000831AAA2AA5AB070066" />
<DEVICE Key="729" SerialNum="73513FBF500000831AAA2AA5AB070066" />
<DEVICE Key="730" SerialNum="73513FBF500000831AAA2AA5AB070066" />
<DEVICE Key="731" SerialNum="73513FBF500000831AAA2AA5AB070066" />
<DEVICE Key="732" SerialNum="73513FBF500000831AAA2AA5AB070066" />
<DEVICE Key="733" SerialNum="EMULATOR" />
<DEVICE Key="734" SerialNum="EMULATOR" />
<DEVICE Key="735" SerialNum="EMULATOR" />
<DEVICE Key="736" SerialNum="EMULATOR" />
<DEVICE Key="737" SerialNum="EMULATOR" />
<DEVICE Key="738" SerialNum="EMULATOR" />
<DEVICE Key="739" SerialNum="EMULATOR" />



1 Answer Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Faith Hughes     Answered On: Jan 18

I am not sure what the problem is. Could you try
running the code  again after prefixing your xml  string
with this string:
<?xml version="1.0"?>

When using file  based xml, this declaration has to be
the first line in my file. Hope it works for you.

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