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  Asked By: Danielle    Date: Feb 16    Category: Java    Views: 1335

I have a Java program reading through a TEXTAREA that can be up to
14,000 bytes. I need to parse out the lines that they have entered,
and preserve the spacing as they entered it. The lines are to be
written to a 70 byte CHAR column in a DB2 table. If they hit ENTER
at the end of each line I can look for "\n" and substring everything
in front of it with no problem. The issue is what if they have a
blank line in between two valid lines i.e:

There is no "\n" at the end of the "space" line, so if I use:

int indexForTxt = -2; //prime as -2 so substring will work correctly
String aTxtLine;
for(int i=0;i < numOfLinesInt; i++) {
int lineLength = (ht.get("TXT").toString().indexOf("\n",
(indexForTxt + 2)) - 2);
if (indexForTxt < 0) //related to the initial value of
indexForTxt being negative
indexForTxt = 0;
aTxtLine = ht.get("TXT").toString().substring(indexForTxt,
theTxtLines.add(i, aTxtLine);
indexForTxt = indexForTxt + (lineLength +2);

then I get aTxtLine that is well over 70 bytes. I can't just
subtract 70 from it because the line after the space line may only be
20 bytes and the spacing needs to be preserved. Anyone ever done
anything like this?



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