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onchange of drop down list wanna to perform action without refreshing

  Asked By: Carolina    Date: Mar 25    Category: Java    Views: 2146

This is the simple query. On my struts page, i have 2 drop down control
say controlA and controlB on my struts form. On the page load, i
fetched and displayed some values from database on my drop down
controlA. Further i want to show dyanmic values on my drop down
controlB on the basis of selection or onchange of controlA.
Yes ! On the onchange of drop down controlA, i m able to perform
the action through javascript and submit the current Form and
successfully showing the correct values on drop down controlB.

Now the problem is that my drop down controls are get refreshed.
And therefore the Form showing the first values of dropdown list,
whatever values u select.

So please give the soln that how i prevent to show only that value
which the user select on drop down controlA.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Mae Roberts     Answered On: Mar 25

you could simply hold your data in session object and then show  in combo box,
in this case your data don't change in refresh page  but if you wanna javascript  code that help you i could send you.