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OCR ongoing problem

  Date: Nov 29    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 421

I dont seem t be able to start these two

home@home-desktop:~$ tesseract-ocr --help
tesseract-ocr: command not found
home@home-desktop:~$ tesseract-ocr
tesseract-ocr: command not found
home@home-desktop:~$ ocropus
ocropus: command not found
home@home-desktop:~$ 0cropus
0cropus: command not found
home@home-desktop:~$ gocr-tk
gocr-tk: command not found

Why do these show as installed yet I cant use them? Anyone here use optical
character recognition?



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Answer #1    Answered On: Nov 29    

Your questions intrigued me so I had a look at Xsane once again. I
first tried it casually a couple of years ago but didn't find it too
useful. This time was worse! Sane uses gocr found under the file menu
on the scanned image viewer. You have to install gocr separately. The
accuracy was only about 50% - but it should be close to 99%, which
still means many corrections per page.

I have no doubt that with a lot of fiddling and perhaps a different
ocr engine the accuracy would be improved dramatically. I just offer
you this as a "proof of concept" that it does work.

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