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Non-static variables problem

  Asked By: Bertha    Date: Oct 26    Category: Java    Views: 1818

I've just remebered another problem I'm having with a bit of the code I have:
The error thrown up by the compiler says that a non-static ariable cannot be
used in a static 'way'.(something along those lines anyway) The variable
referenced to is
directoryFile (although it may have been directory, sorry, haven't the time
to check aain)

BufferedReader directoryFile = null;
new BufferedReader(new FileReader("config.txt"));
directory = directoryFile.readLine();

catch( IOException ioe ){ioe.printStackTrace();}
if (directoryFile != null)
} catch (IOException ioe2)
// just ignore it



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Answer #1    Answered By: Mae Roberts     Answered On: Oct 26

The error  is thrown when you have a static  method and in the body of that method
you try to access a non-static class

public static void main(String[] args){
myVar = new MyVar();

private myVar;

This should cause the same error. It is fixed by changing the last line to:

private static myVar;

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