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Nested For Loop Plz Help

  Asked By: Pedro    Date: Sep 29    Category: MS Office    Views: 708

I am trying to change 2 varialbes at the same time. One variable is
used in a calculation(i) and another variable is used to define a
cell to paste the data in (j)

Here is my thought

Dim i = integer
Dim j = integer

For i = 440 to 600 step 5
For j = 1 to 500 step 1
Range ("A10").select
Formular R1C1 = (i)
'Copy range which is function of cell a10
Paste in a new sheet in column j
next j
next i

This does not do what I want, it loops through j for a given i.

So I want run case i, and paste the results in col j.
Then run case i+5,and paste in j+1
Then run cas i +10 and paste in j+2 etc.

I hope I have explained this well enough.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Thomas Thompson     Answered On: Sep 29

I'm not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to do, but I think you
just need to increase j by one each pass through the loop  - I don't think you
need a nested  loop. Have you tried replacing inside loop with j = j+1?

Answer #2    Answered By: Morris Hughes     Answered On: Sep 29

How about something more like
For j = 1 to 500
i = 440 + (j - 1) * 5
' do your thing...

Doesn't seem to be quite what you want because j will run from 1 to 500,
while I will run from 440 to 2935, and you said you only need i to run
from 440 to 600, so I'm a little confused.

I agree with Doreen - you don't want two loops, just one, and then
calculate one value based on the other.

You can also try incrementing i at the same time  you increment j like

i = 440
For j = 1 to 500
' do your thing...
i = i + 5 ' now increment i

Maybe you can explain what you need to do a little more clearly?

Answer #3    Answered By: Leo Evans     Answered On: Sep 29

I just need to increment j in the i loop. I
fell kind of dumb after seeing this answer, but that is what
learning is all about!

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