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Mepis Anti-X

  Date: Dec 06    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 343

I'm just curious, is anyone else here playing around with Mepis
Anti-X? It runs Fluxbox and IceWM as it's desktop environments. I've
actually got this OS to load on a system (1GHz Celeron/128MB RAM) that
would not accept DSL or Puppy.

That machine was a $10.00 yard sale wreck that I picked up for parts
and Anti-X got it out on the internet. Since that worked, I decided to
give Anti-X a fair test. I put it on a machine with a 1GHz Athlon
processor and 256MB of RAM. Unlike the yard sale machine, this one
does not smell of burning plastic and is not covered in bird crap from
sitting on someone's back porch since 2003.

The first most glaring thing that I had noticed about installing
Anti-X is that it will not allow you to use the option of clicking the
option of using the entire hard drive and having the OS decide how it
wants to install. You can click the option, but it will not work.

With Anti-X, you have to remember your pre-Ubuntu Linux chops and
install your own memory swap partition. After that, installation is

It's main package manager is Meta-Installer. It's kind of cheesy, but
it works. If you dig around in the menu long enough, you will find
Synaptic. The OS will not allow you to download a lot of what is
available in Synaptic. It's only at that point that you will remember
that Anti-X is a "light OS" designed to run on systems with limited

It comes with AbiWord and you can download OpenOffice, both work. It
runs the Iceweasel clone of Firefox for it's browser. If Fluxbox and
IceWM are not your cup of tea as desktop environments, you can
download XFCE. XFCE is the heaviest environment that Anti-X will
allow you to use.

Would I recommend Anti-X for a primary OS? Not if have a fairly
modern (P4 or newer) machine runs Ubuntu well. If you are running an
old (P3ish) machine with limited resources and you are mainly using it
for e-mail, word processing and storing photos, I would highly
recommend Anti-X.

As the Linux world is today, Ubuntu rules the Gnome desktop
environment and Kubuntu is pretty much the top dog with KDE. If I
were in charge of Mepis, I would turn all of their resources to
further development of their Anti-X OS for netbooks and older
computers. It's a niche in the market that Mepis could rule.



7 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered On: Dec 06    

I used it for 3 weeks and it is quite good. But I had to install a lot of
software, including Open Office.
Mepis Antix is quite good and very fast. Of course, a little more
uncomfortable to use than Ubuntu.
I definitely recommend it.

Answer #2    Answered On: Dec 06    

There is a new member of the Ubuntu family. It uses LXDE and it is called
Lubuntu. Early reports make it the fastest Ubuntu yet, quite a bit faster
than Xubuntu.


Answer #3    Answered On: Dec 06    

Anti-X login says that LXDE is available and Synaptic says it's
installed, but my system will not log into it. It also says that
Openbox is installed, but I can not log into it either. There is
another WM called FVWM Crystal which I'm currently logged into right
now. I just found it. I've never heard of it before, so I've got
some exploring to do. The more that I play with this little OS, the
more that I like it and the more that I think that Mepis should divert
all of it's efforts toward it's further development.

I would like all the window managers that it says it has to actually
work. So far it's WMs that I could get working are IceWM, Fluxbox,
FVWM Crystal and XFCE.

Answer #4    Answered On: Dec 06    

Update: I just got LXDE up and running, so I've even got more exploring to do.

Answer #5    Answered On: Dec 06    

I used LXDE a lot under Ubuntu and I like it but not very much. I miss the
multiple desktops. It has only two and when I add some more the new
configuration is not saved and have to add more desktops next time. But it is
very fast and responsive. But it is more uncomfortable to use than GNOME. I also
use FVWM-Crystal sometimes but I am too lazy to use the menus. I just left-click
on the desktop to start the terminal and start applications from there. And it
is really more comfortable than LXDE.
Under Antix it seems that LXDE does not work either. I installed GNOME, KDE
and XFCE and it seemed to have managed, but at startup I never managed to use
anything than the default windowmanager, it seems that it is JWM. Then it was
easy to switch to Fluxbox.
Under Antix it was quite easy to install programs from the command line, I had
to become root by using the su command and root password and then everything was
easy with

aptitude install whatever.

Among others I installed OpenOffice and had to install Digikam, as I could not
get F-spot to work.
Now I am writing under Crunchbang Linux.

Answer #6    Answered On: Dec 06    

Using F1 to choose your WM at the log in screen will show you WM
options that you do not yet have. It seems that the OS's standard
package manager, Meta Installer, does not bring in the entire WM.

In Fluxbox open the menu and go to; (Full
Fluxbox>Applications>System>Package Management>Synaptic) and you can
bring in LXDE and or FVWM Crystal from there.

Synaptic will not allow you to bring in Gnome or KDE. I do not know
why those are offered as WM options at the log in screen.

GQview is available as a photo viewer. It is much less of a pain in
the butt and uses less system resources than F-Spot or DigiKam.

Answer #7    Answered On: Dec 06    

Under Antix I installed Mirage and gpicview, as they were easier to use.
GQView, by default, shows the high resolution pictures as huge, does not fit
them to window.
I had to have digikam for importing photos.

Mirage is quite good

aptitude install mirage

If i remember well, I also used gwenview under Antix.
By the way, it is a good idea to go back and install Antix. I will experiment
with it some more. I will install it back right now.
I liked Antix's DVD burner, Gnomebaker very much but I preferred to install
and use Brasero.

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